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Hello my name is Rocky702 and I have been playing factions for about 3 years now, I have about 2 years of experience managing a few faction servers. I found this server through some friends and I would like to play here but I think there need to be some more rules. Every faction server I have played or managed has had set limits on buffer claims, limits on types of cannons, and limits on types of bases. (i.e. Regan walls, Normal walls, and rev walls) I believe these types of rules need to be added in order to ensure a fair playing field as well as make it so that people don't abuse cannons to lag the server out. If you need help or other suggestions for these rules please feel free to contact me as again I have managed other faction servers. I have also helped xdacon with his old faction server about 2 years ago. Thank you for your time

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Comments: 1

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