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In the shop there are currently no buyable bosses. In skyblock there is no way to fight the ender dragon. I believe that the server could some how add a system that allows players to buy either a fight with the dragon or time in the end dimension. Of course just buying the wouldn’t be the best way to go so they could also add it to quest shop or even vote crates. The way I could work with vote crates is you could have a chance at winning maybe 5 10 or even 15 minutes in the end. Or 1 to 2 ender dragon fights not ender dragon kills. Your end time could be on the side bar along with your flight time. They could also add higher times in higher tear crates. It would most likely have to be protected like spawn is but allows player to destroy the end crystals. Thank you for you time.

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Not planned

Comments: 1

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